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The long trip to Europe

The day after my adventures in Argentina and shooting the WRC round in Cordoba I was on my way to Portugal and the island of Sau Miguel in Azores for a round of the European Rally Championship (ERC), unfortunately my lasting memory of Argentina would not be a positive one, after checking in and

Day 16 – WRC Argentina recap

A pictorial overview of Rally Argentina

Day 7 – Music video clips, cemetaries and Tight rope walkers

Day 6 – The holy spirit blesses the Vineyards and town of Tupungota –

Rally Time, the best day of the rally week or was it?

Anyone who covers a professional high level rally from a photography point of view will tell you the best day of the week is reconnaissance, in order for media to source the best possible vantage points we need to travel on the exact same roads as the competitors, its also the least stressful day

The biggest year of my career

Its about time I let a few cats out of a few bags, not that most don’t already know though. As most of you are aware, I cover the Australian Rally Championship, 2014 will be my 6th year, with a new year brings new contracts, I can finally announce that Vettas Media will be the official

giving a little back

Its not often you get to make a complete stranger happy. During the last round of the ARC (Victoria) a young boy cheered on competitors as they drove past his family home. Cameron along with his brother Ben both have cerebral palsy, cerebral palsy is a disorder which affects a persons ability to

Citroën Racing does down under take #2

Well we were at it again, we, I mean Team Citroën Australia were at it again, the team tested in a different location today, these cars are really impressive and I cannot wait to see them competing. Here are just a few images from today, we shall see you in February for the first round of the 2014

citroen au shoot

I recently had the opportunity to travel to Canberra to work with Adrian Coppin of Team Citroen Australia. I spent the day working through Canberra and some of its sights. The purpose of the shoot was to capture the new ARC team in its home town, showcasing Canberra and rallying together.  The

WRC Rally Australia – Best of

Our favourite images from Round 10 of the World Rally Championship , Coates Hire Rally Australia in September 2014 held in Coffs Harbour.

Honda Rally Team does Rally Australia

With just a few days till the Rally Australia round of the ECB Australian Rally Championship, the Honda Rally Team have released a short video showing the real team who compete in the championship.