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Creating luck in Western Australia

On a recent road trip across the southern part of Western Australia (watch my vlogs here) I experienced something very special, a moment, a moment that will remain with me forever.

The moment is what photographers like to call ‘Light Rays’ or ‘God Rays/God Light’. where beams of light blast through the clouds forming just that, light rays, as photographers these are the moments that excite us, to the point where we feel a rush of emotion like no other, for me I start to shake nervously, as I push the shutter button I know I am creating an image that I can look back on and get excited about time after time after time.

These moments more often than not only last a short while, this moment for me lasted maybe 30-45 seconds, just enough time to get a handful of different shots and just enough time to stop and take the moment in with my own eyes, much like Darth Vader when he removed his head mask to see Luke with his own eyes, we so often see everything through our cameras eye piece.

The back story to this was like no other really, I was searching for a different spot to capture sunset, the weather was closing in and I knew my time was limited, as with so many of my stories I found a dirt road, they usually lead to the better stories :), the road led to a small parking lot, then a 500m walk to a lookout, I grabbed most of my gear, rails, tripods, motion controls and was ready to setup for some killer timelapses, I arrived at my spot, found a spot to shoot, began unpacking, I looked up and it started raining, not heavy at this point but the heavy stuff was close, I started to pack up when the scenes below presented themselves, I had all but a few seconds to grab my camera change some settings and fire away, like I said earlier 30-45 seconds thats all I got, within 3min it started bucketing down, by this time I had made my way back to the car and headed back down the mountain.

The take away from all this is to capture that moment but also feel it, see it and experience it with your own eyes.

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