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Rally Time, the best day of the rally week or was it?

Anyone who covers a professional high level rally from a photography point of view will tell you the best day of the week is reconnaissance, in order for media to source the best possible vantage points we need to travel on the exact same roads as the competitors, its also the least stressful day and we get to hang out with colleagues, we get to see some spectacular parts of the counrty and we are not rushed to move along, but wait ….

In all the years I have been covering the ARC I have had 3 punctured tyres, not many when you think of the driving we do, well today we didn’t get a puncture, we didn’t hit anything, ohh wait, I also hit my first kangaroo :(, we didnt run off the road, today the rear spring of our car literally fell out, yep you read correctly, it fell out, the long and short of it is we where given a replacement car, however the more I think about it, the more I realise how lucky we where to walk away unscathed, if the suspension had dropped on my way home on the freeway at 110kmph who knows what could have happened.

A big thanks has to go to the teams who stopped, to laugh but also to help, Tim and AJ from Team Citroen Australia (who I work for) stopped and fixed the issue enough to get us going again, without Tims brute strength 😉 we would still be waiting for phone reception ;), and Nigel for doing most of the work ;).

Images from testing and Recce i will have out tomorrow sometime.

The Power stage is on early tomorrow so best be off to bed.

Btw check out the video the Vettas Media team put together as part of our partnership with Team Citroen Australia.