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The biggest year of my career

Its about time I let a few cats out of a few bags, not that most don’t already know though.

As most of you are aware, I cover the Australian Rally Championship, 2014 will be my 6th year, with a new year brings new contracts, I can finally announce that Vettas Media will be the official supplier of all media for Team Citroen Australia, we will be providing images as well as video content, I have enlisted another person to help with the video side of things, ill introduce her at a later date.

Now on to the big news for the year and probably my career, I will be heading overseas to cover the World Rally Championship, when opportunities like this come around you don’t say no, I will be working with a fairly well known WRC Photographer, supplying images to him and his contacts as well as a few magazines here in Australia.

The adventures are broken up in to two lengthy trips, the first starts at the end of April for almost 8 weeks, I will be covering Rally Argentina, ERC Acores and Rally Sardegna (Italy), I have a couple of weeks off in between Acores and Sardegna so the plan is to drive around Italy, I really want to try and find some non touristy places, I am also planning to head up north to the famous Stelvio Pass on the Swiss Italian borders, if you dont know this road, check it out here, it is meant to be the best road to drive in the world.

The second trip is the end of September for 7 weeks. I start at Rally France then travel through the French countryside for two weeks, I then make my way to Barcelona for Rally Catalunya, I then finish the trip with a week back in Barcelona and then a week in Paris.

Its not often that our dreams become our reality, one of my goals for aslong as I can remember has been to travel the world covering the WRC, this year I get to full fill that in a small way, I wonder what 2015 will bring? who knows. At the beginning of 2013 I didnt think I would be travelling the world covering the 2014 series 🙂

I will be posting my travels on this blog, I will try and do a daily blog, with some cool little videos, I have a few cool ideas for these trips so hopefully everything can come together and I can share the fun.

Only 107 days to go