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The Seine River and the Notre Dam

Paris, France

After a couple of days in the magical city and a few late nights walking around taking photos I decided to have a bit of a lazy day, my first stop was my favourite coffee shop were I had my first duck meal, damn sooooo good.

After spending a few hours enjoying lunch and filling up on Cafe et laiT I made my way across the Seine to Notre Dam. I am not architecture connoisseur but this place really is special, no matter where you go where you can see it it is impressive.

There is no mistaking that Paris is the city of Love, its everywhere.

One way to remove tourists from images? find a hedge, get low and shoot high and BAM I had the place to myself :).

everybody loves a selfie in Paris.

I had to do it :).

and another.

Stalls line the Seine River with people selling anything you can imagine, from Paris merchandise to 100 year old books.

A boat ride down the Seine is a special moment for so many.

The famous Pont des Arts or better known as the ‘Love Locks’ bridge, couples place padlocks on the bridge to celebrate their love, this has caused a few problems in Paris over the last few years with a bridge collapsing from the weight, the local councils have removed quite a few, the problem now though is that people are placing locks on other monuments around the city.

If you come to Paris you have to come here, sit and watch the people go by, this and the Eiffel Tower I found to be one of the busier parts of the city.

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