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citroen au shoot

I recently had the opportunity to travel to Canberra to work with Adrian Coppin of Team Citroen Australia. I spent the day working through Canberra and some of its sights.

The purpose of the shoot was to capture the new ARC team in its home town, showcasing Canberra and rallying together.  The images would also be used for the first round of the 2014 Australian Rally Championship, the National Capital Rally.

We were lucky enough to be given access to areas not normally available for a car, let alone a rally car.

Our first spot was on the lawns opposite the National Library of Australia, and the famous fountain  – the Captain Cook Memorial Jet.

Our second location was in the gardens of Canberra’s famous Floriade, which is a flower and entertainment festival, held annually in Canberra.  It features displays of flowering bulbs with integrated sculptures. Adrian just happened to know the event manager who let us go and do what we wanted.   I love it when I can do what I like ;).

Our final location was the National Arboretum which overlooks Canberra city, I’ve seen the building from the highway, but had no idea what it was.   In fact Adrian told me they used to use the site, as part of a Rally in years gone by.  It made for great spectating, and at the time of the shoot Adrian was hoping to secure the area for the National Capital Rally in 2014, we shall see I guess. I had originally planned to come back the next day to shoot at sunrise, and simply went up to take a look and grab a few pics at sunset.  But as it turned out that was the better option, the sun set perfectly, however the ‘SHOT’ I think was one with my new car not the Citroen 😉

I think I will have to go back to get the above shot with a few rally cars in Feb for the NatCap.