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The roundball

I have been doing a little bit of work for SMP Images of late, which includes the Hyundai A-League Soccer.

It seems Soccer or Football is becoming quite popular in Australia, especially in traditional Rugby League areas of Sydney, its great when your backgrounds are filled with colourful stands full of fans.

From a photographic POV I find Soccer is one of those sports where you have to wait for the action to come to you, much like AFL, unfortunately though you are not allowed to move around during the game, unless off course you are the ‘Official Photographer’, fair enough, this makes it somewhat challenging if you pick the half where there is no on-field action, having said that though, so far I think most of the action has come from behind the goals, with the fans, in particular the Western Sydney Wanderers, their fans are so loyal and make so much noise it creates an awesome electric atmosphere to shoot in, below are just a few of the images since the start of the season.

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