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The long road to Portugal and where in the world is my baggage

The time had come for me to leave Australia yet again for another year of travel in Europe to cover the World Rally Championship and start my travel photography projects, I have to admit I am very lucky and fortunate to be doing what I love as I know so many people who are not and will never get

ERC Sata Rallye Acores

I arrived in Ponta Delgada as the sun was setting, the island from above looked spectacular, however the 30+ hours of travel was taking its toll, I had probably 3-4hrs sleep and was feeling it, all I wanted was a shower, some food and a nice warm bed, unfortunately the traveling, timezone changes,

The long trip to Europe

The day after my adventures in Argentina and shooting the WRC round in Cordoba I was on my way to Portugal and the island of Sau Miguel in Azores for a round of the European Rally Championship (ERC), unfortunately my lasting memory of Argentina would not be a positive one, after checking in and