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WRC Rally de France

WRC Rally de France, held in Strasbourg, 500km east of Paris, a city with so much traffic, so many one way streets, so many blocked streets, you get the picture. The start of the rally took place in the Strasbourg CBD then stages 100km south, each Heat got closer and closer to Strasbourg. Rally de

the end of an epic rally year with arc, erc and wrc, alot of c’s :)

As the sun sets somewhere in the world, it brings to a close my epic rally (ARC, ERC and WRC) adventures for 2014, l will say now that not only do I feel a changed person I also feel my life is now enriched with dozens of new memories, new friends and lifelong experiences. I feel I learned

The long trip to Europe

The day after my adventures in Argentina and shooting the WRC round in Cordoba I was on my way to Portugal and the island of Sau Miguel in Azores for a round of the European Rally Championship (ERC), unfortunately my lasting memory of Argentina would not be a positive one, after checking in and

Day 7 – Bolivian dancers, Recoleta and more

Buenos Aires its colours, sounds, smells and sights all make up quite a cool city

Day 5 – The drive that brings new meaning to driving through the Andes -part2

So high I could fly, what an amazing drive through the Andes Mountain Range

Day 5 – The drive that brings new meaning to driving through the Andes -part1

Driving tharough the Andes, from Uspallata to Mendoza via Route 13, the road less traveledac

Day 7 – Music video clips, cemetaries and Tight rope walkers

Day 6 – The holy spirit blesses the Vineyards and town of Tupungota –

Day 4 – Mendoza, ohh Mendoza

The next three days will be etched in my memory forever as some of the most exciting, frustrating, exhilarating and exhausting days I have ever experienced. My day started early leaving my accommodation in Buenos Aires at 5:15am for an 8am flight, this was also going to be my test catching BA

Day 3 – Buenos Aires a thriving metropolis encrusted in contradiction

Its day 4 of my long journey, I had everything planned, go get breakfast at this cool cafe, move on to Recoleta Cemetery then on to the Echological Reserve in Puerto Madero, i didn’t make it further than the cafe as the rain set in, ohh well, I still have two more days here after I get back

Day 1 – Palermo to Boca Juniors and all the in between

Club Atlético Boca Juniors, one of the most well known clubs in the football world and I got to experience the atmosphere of the Bombonera Stadium in the La Boca region of Buenos Aires yesterday. When i knew i was coming to Argentina i knew I had to try and see a local football clash, and

Day 2 – Buenos Aires – culture shock

As i sit here in the ‘Ninina Bakery‘ having my first coffee and proper food in Buenos Aires i finally feel a little comfortable in this HUGE city, I have been here less than 48 hours and it has been quite stressful, not speaking any Spanish in a city that doesn’t really