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Day 7 – Bolivian dancers, Recoleta and more

Continuing on from the Recoleta Cemetery.

I was lucky enough to be there on a Saturday, it seems the weekend brings a market to the area outside the Cemetery, its a huge park and little flea market type stalls line the footpaths and every inch of space available, the atmosphere is great, kids running around playing football, a group of Jazz musicians playing tunes that make you stop, take a seat on the grass and soak it all up, families dancing and socialising, its such a cool place and atmosphere, I would have loved to have gone back again.

Moving on from there I noticed a bit of a commotion going on a crossover footbridge, the first thing to note before getting up on to the bridge was the HUGE 6 line road that was in the main CBD area of Buenos Aires, crazy, crossing it was rather scary.

La Recoleta Cemetery Buenos AiresGetting up on to the bridge there was a huge group of women all dressed in costumes for some sort of dance competition, as I reached the peak of the bridge there was a similar number of guys all in similar male outfits, I later found out that they were a Bolivian Dance group taking part in a Music Video Film clip for Bolivia’s number one singer, they were using a DJI Phantom Quad Copter to capture the footage, so who knows I may end up in the film clip :), and of course I asked them to pose for a shot :).

Walking the streets of Recoleta was quite an eye opener, this is obviously the wealthier end of Buenos Aires.

Moving on I found myself at what seemed to be the cultural and social hub for families in Buones Aires, 4 blocks made up of a mumber of parks, music be played, footballs being kicked around by everyone and anyone, small food stalls with amazing flavours, it was like Centennial Park in Sydney on steroids.

I eneded my time in Buenos Aires with somewhat of a sunset, the next day I spent catching up on blogs and finally had myself a really good steak meal in BA, next stop Cordoba for WRC Argentina.