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Day 7 – Bolivian dancers, Recoleta and more

Buenos Aires its colours, sounds, smells and sights all make up quite a cool city

Day 7 – Music video clips, cemetaries and Tight rope walkers

Day 6 – The holy spirit blesses the Vineyards and town of Tupungota –

Day 3 – Buenos Aires a thriving metropolis encrusted in contradiction

Its day 4 of my long journey, I had everything planned, go get breakfast at this cool cafe, move on to Recoleta Cemetery then on to the Echological Reserve in Puerto Madero, i didn’t make it further than the cafe as the rain set in, ohh well, I still have two more days here after I get back

Day 2 – Buenos Aires – culture shock

As i sit here in the ‘Ninina Bakery‘ having my first coffee and proper food in Buenos Aires i finally feel a little comfortable in this HUGE city, I have been here less than 48 hours and it has been quite stressful, not speaking any Spanish in a city that doesn’t really