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the end of an epic rally year with arc, erc and wrc, alot of c’s :)



As the sun sets somewhere in the world, it brings to a close my epic rally (ARC, ERC and WRC) adventures for 2014, l will say now that not only do I feel a changed person I also feel my life is now enriched with dozens of new memories, new friends and lifelong experiences. I feel I learned more about myself in the last 6 months than in my entire life, I traveled to 14 countries took 36 individual flights, drove almost 35,000km (yep I know what the ..), learned to speak the basics in Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, French and German, made my way up to the highest’s peaks in Switzerland and Germany and in Spain even managed to get 10m below sea level somehow.

I have been to places most people will never get to in their lifetime and now looking back feel extremely grateful and blessed that I was able to create these memories and that I was given the opportunity to begin with, if it wasn’t for a few people none of this would have been possible, I would like to thank a few people specifically, first and foremost Brenda for understanding my dream and for being extremely tolerant and understanding xx . The guys at Olympus, Kristie, Quettfenn and Jessica for all their support, without it there is no way I could have made much of this possible and I am excited at what the future may bring and the projects we can work on. To my friends in the ARC, I have been working with and known some of you now for many years, you all supported me in some way or another and I am extremely thankful for this.

I didn’t expect to be working in the WRC at this level so soon, I assumed it would be a gradual process and not one where I was thrown in the deep-ends so to speak, Argentina was an eye opener, but a great one at that, Italy was amazing and somewhat easier, its one thing to cover an ARC round locally, its another to be on foreign soul where the language barriers can be overwhelming, cultures polar opposite, in the end its character building, France and Spain showed me what I was capable of and I surprised myself.

To all the WRC media for welcoming the Aussie in to the mix, in particular André and Beatriz for their help and guidance throughout the year and your friendship, to Sarah, François, Daniel, Jordi, Massimo, Manrico, Gergely and the crazy Estonian Jaanus, you guys all gave me advise, answered my many questions and helped in some way along the way to make my experience that much better, none of you had to but this just proves what amazing people you all are.

To all the people I met along the way and anyone I have not mentioned, I am a better person for meeting you and now knowing you. To all my friends and family at home (you know who you are) who supported my adventure thank you so much, it means alot, and to James for somehow aligning his travels with mine, mate I am proud to know you and call you a good friend, travel bonds people as does sharing life experiences.

To the future, let’s just see, the plans are still a work in progress however I do hope to cover more rounds next year, it’s not an easy exercise and not a cheap one from this end of the world, however traveling and the WRC are more part of me now then ever so there is no chance of stopping the freight train, where there is a will there is a way, life is not a dress rehearsal, grab life by the horns and run with it, live life to the fullest, all the cliche’s under the sun and I’ll make it happen.

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