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The rally community keeps on giving


Just under 12 months ago I wrote about the Bowerings and their two sons, Cameron and Ben, (you can read about it all here) who both have cerebral palsy but love rallying.

I made the trip down to Melbourne and with the help of a few people made a wish come true for Cameron and Ben, not only did we give them two large prints of rally cars (kindly donated by Nigel Raynard and Andre Lavadinho) but they also got to visit the Evans workshop and meet Eli Evans.

After a long year of work and the help of quite a few generous people in the rally community Rus Taylor put together a little something for the boys and this weekend at the final round of the ARC Rus presented Cameron and Ben their very own Rally Simulators to play their favourite rally games on, not only did Rus go to the lengths he did, Neal Bates and Coral Taylor also took both boys for a ride in Neals Toyota during the Rally Victoria Media Shakedown, a thrill that I am sure they will never forget.

The crew at blackmagic also put together this great little video of the boys receiving their simulators.



What a great ending to a great story, I feel so proud to be involved in this community, and like I have said this has humbled me yet again.