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day15 – The High Alpine Road to the Grossglockner

Innsbruck, Austria > Grossglockner , Austria > Abtenau, Austria

A long day, a day where I would talk to Goats, find the ultimate Log stack and drive the High Alpine Road to die for.

and they have noticed me 😉 they then made a b-line for me

Sound of Music?

OMG, if you follow my rally adventures I have a thing for logs, love logs, and well this was like a ‘log farm’ it was huge ran for almost a kilometre.

By now I had ventured on to the property of the wood farm, pretty much just as I took this shot a couple of angry looking Austrian’s came to tell me to move along, well thats what I think they said.

Logs of all shapes and sizes, perfect :).

and we are on the Grossglockner High Alpine Road, corner after corner, camber to die for, the perfect road to drive.

Heaven for motorcycle riders.

Chomp through that snow.

WOW, I could sit here for days.

I noticed this lady sitting down resting and taking it all in but she wasnt facing the way I wanted, so, I asked her to pose for me, one of my favourite images from my trip.

and she obliged by taking a photo of me :0

remember the song? Edelweiss from the Sound of Music ‘YouTube

I met this lovely couple Walter and Ingrid from Austria, Walter had recently purchased his AUDI TT and was out for the day for a drive, they fed me some home made alcaholic cake called ‘besoffener kapuziner’ which was yum and which loosely translated meant Drunkin Capuchin or the ‘Thirsty nun’, i like the last one :).

Down the mountain we go, now you see the car in the bottom right corner, and the dirt road just behind it? hmm wonder where that goes ….

That dirt road 🙂

and we are at the Grossglokner Glacier, apparently there has been so much global warming that no more than 10 years ago this glacier was twice the size and even larger the further we travel back, it is slowly melting as each second passes.

Selfie at a blue lake, the run off dam for the glacier.

but why is it so?

Sunset over the Austrian Alps, I now had 250km to drive back to Abtenau, it really doesnt matter when you have views like this.

That night I made a spare of the moment decision to visit another country the next day, where am I going? I cannot wait.

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