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day 16 – Innsbruck to Cesky Krumlov

Innsbruck, Austria > Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic > Innsbruck, Austria

My nightly routine is to look at google maps, check out some roads and see where my next day will take me, I noticed the night before that I was close to the Czech Republic, a quick post on facebook asking where I should go for the day in the Czech Republic and most people suggested the town of Cesky Krumlov, a fellow photographer friend highly recommended the town as he had lived there years ago for a few months, so that was it a round trip of close to 800 km and more than 10 hours lay ahead of me, but that didn’t faze me one bit.

My view from my apartment in Abtenau.

The countdown till we can go, I really love Europe and its traffic management.

The town of Traunkirchen in Austria on the Traunsee, what a beautiful little church perched on top of a rock? small mountain?

On the outskirts of Cesky Krumlov.

The Gardens of the State Castle of Český Krumlov,

The view from the Castle looking down into the city of Český Krumlov.

An abundance of Asian tourists, it was bizzare, these were the first tourists I had seen in about a week and I didnt think I would see Asian tourists in the town of Český Krumlov.

All trying to get the best picture of the town.

A 17 images panorama of Český Krumlov from the State Castle.

The perfect selfie with leading lines, one of my favourite images from my travels.

Now this place was intriguing, a small town on the outskirts of Cesky Krumlov called Větřní.

Coming in to this town was quite surreal, just 10 minutes earlier I was driving through rolling hills with beautiful landscapes, or in the other direction you had the beautiful city of Cesky Krumlov, it felt like I was entering the eastern block of pre WWII. As I drove through the town I saw poverty, young people loitering and, it was like a forgotten town, or a town which relied heavily on the industry which was no longer. The building in the background looked abandoned, it did not look like a functioning factory, graffiti everywhere, broken windows, over grown weeds and tress, from my research the building is/was a paper plant ‘JIP – Papírny’, on my way home I decided to investigate ;), I didn’t go in because I saw people inside, workers? don’t think so.

Cesky Krumlov left a lasting impression on me, as did the Czech Republic, an area of Europe that was never on my radar but now certainly was. I had dinner at a small local restaurant, they didnt speak much english and I spoke no Czech but I managed to get some food, in fact probably one of the better meals on the trip, and cheap, so cheap, around 120 Koruna which is about $6AUD for a Schnitzel, two salads, chips and two large beers, the people were friendly but it really felt like they were doing it tough, very strong people, very proud and hard working, I cannot wait to come back to the Czech Republic, next time north and visit Prague.

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