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Day 32 – Lake Como to Bolzano via the Stelvio Pass

The day had come, the entire Italian trip hinged on this and was based around driving the Stelvio Pass, before I left home (Australia) my research wasn’t positive, the pass officially was meant to be closed right up until the day I was meant to drive it, in fact it wasnt meant to re-open till the following week, I had been checking a few websites daily and in all honesty it wasnt looking good, but hey I had come all this way I wasnt planning on giving up that easily, so off we went.

This is a tourist train that takes you from the ferry area of Bellagio to other areas of the town, I didnt see one kid on it, well I saw a lot of big kids :), no Brenda I didn’t go for a ride 🙂

Bellagio ohh so fancy.

The is right at the end of Lake Como, its actually Lage di Mezzola and the town is Campo, right at the foot of a pretty cool Alpine Region with SNOW, YES SNOW!!!! Wooohoooo.

So, to get to the Stelvio Pass from Lake Como you can go one of two ways, the boring straight road via Sondrio and Tirano which is about 100km and would take say an hour and a half, or 🙂 you guessed it I took the ‘or’ road, hey who wouldn’t, the ‘or’ road which went via Saint Moritz and through the amazing Passo del Maloja which would take 3+hrs to get to Bormio and the foot of the Stelvio, I didn’t come all this way to go boring, in the end I was so glad I took the road I did.

amazing road that lead to an even more amazing road.

Saint Moritz, I arrived around 2pm and contemplated staying the night, I am glad I didn’t, instead I decided to just have lunch here, wow these places rely so heavily on the winter months that come this time of year (it wasn’t even cold) the entire area is a ghost town, I could not find one restaurant open, nothing, I so wanted a Schnitzel but nope I had to resort to my bread and tomoato’s :).

Ok, so I had to stop as this log train came right through the town, it was so long I sat there waiting for about 10min, crazy.

Ok, OMG, the best thing ever, I had these when I was young and living in Greece, peanut chips, so essentially its like eating a peanut in chip form, sooooooooo good, and it was the only place I found them :(.

The light in Europe is so amazing and seemed to always work magic for me.

and we are here, ohh my, the pass is open, wooohooo, i think I got out of the car and did a little stelvio jig, but this wasnt the Pièce de résistance, that would come at the top on the way back down.

hold on let me take a selfie 🙂 a stelvio selfie

WOW someone knew I was coming 🙂

So much snow, so much..

I reckon they are open :).

Not much snow at all 🙂 I later found out that the day before the Giro d’Italia the famous cycling race came through here, so they had to clear the snow for that 🙂 I like to think they knew I was coming so did it for me, I prefer my story :).

From here I still had another 4 hours minimum to drive and it was about  5pm, it was going to be a late one, the day continues in the next blog where I visit the weirdest I dont know what you call it place I have ever been to, it was so cool 🙂

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