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Day 32 – continued down the great pass

Two things, looking back I think the road down from Stelvio was much more fun, less traffic and slightly bigger roads, however in saying that I think the road from just before Saint Moritz through past Saint Moritz was the best, wider roads, perfect camber, the road just flowed perfectly, having said that, this was still amazing, I think it took me 40min to get to the bottom of the scene below because I kept stopping to take photos, even watched  these little beaver like animals playing, this place blew me away.

I needed to cool my water somehow :).

Not much to say really, this is near the town of Spondigna as you come down from the Stelvio Pass, the bones are Deer bones, Antlers mainly, apparently they are a quite popular, in particular when you can get a matching set, from what I was told the Antlers grow out, I don’t know how often, but when they do they just drop off, this person/people must have a bit of a fascination with it, hence the elaborate museum of sorts, all the same it was extremely cool, but I did feel like someone was going to run out of the house and chase me down the street with Deer Antlers :).

Yet again amazing light.


… and I finally got my Schnitzel, I have to say it was pretty damn good as well, pity the place was almost 3 hours to where my accommodation was otherwise I would have come back.

For the next 3 days I was based in Rabbi part of Trentino, what an amazing part of Italy and the world.


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