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Day 33 – Rabbi, Trento, Gelatto

It had been a week since I started taking meds and I started to feel so much better, I could walk around without being exhausted, the only thing that lingered was my cough, that annoying cough that keeps you awake, I still had a fever but I definnately felt 100% better, after yesterdays efforts I took it fairly easy today, had a bit of a sleep in, had some breakfast at the B&B, had a chat to my host Lorena and then finally left around lunch time, the great thing about traveling through Europe at this time of the year is that you have close to 15hrs of Sun Light so leaving at 11am meant I still had a full day to explore.

I had 4 nights here in Rabbi, I knew it was going to be my recover, recharge stop so purposely planned it like that, not to mention its a great base to visit the alpine region.

The view from my room, hard life, really it is :).

The B&B I stayed at, so nice.

Logs, OMG!!!

Lorena from the B&B gave me some pretty cool places to visit, the first was Madonna Di Campiglio, apparently this is a pretty famous ski resort town in the region, another awesome drive and amazing scenery.

A GoPro facing forward, a GoPro facing backwards 🙂

The destination for today the Nardis Waterfall in Carisolo, I spent about 2 hours here, at first just watching and taking it all in then the cameras came out, I had left a few things back at the B&B so had planned to come back the next day, but that didn’t eventuate, I will come back though one day, awesome.

From the waterfalls I was heading towards Lake Garda which is as famous as Lake Como, in fact scenes from Lake Garda are in one of the recent James Bond movies, however time was getting the better of me, it was almost 7pm, I had at least a 2 hour drive back to the B&B and needed to get some dinner as well, so I ended up as far as a place called Dro which is the start of the Dolimiti where the mountains change drastically from almost rolling hills to sheer cliff faces, it is quite dramatic.

Vineyards everywhere.


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