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Day 31 – Lake Como George Clooney take two

The drive around Lake Como continued, like I mentioned in my previous entry, the opulence here is mind boggling, helicopters, speedboats, exotic cars, it is hard to explain unless you have been here but, WOW.

Like just out of a movie set right?

The Polo looks right at home here dont you think? 🙂

Another movie?

As the rains came they went just as quick .

Now this is the place to be, your own island on Lake Como, really? no really?

A typical Lake Como main road, if you are not a brave confident driver dont even bother.

The famous Bellagio, made famous from the Las Vegas Casino and the movie Oceans Eleven.

Ok, without doubt the best spot for both dinner and sunset, and the pizza was the best, I cannot remember the name of this bar/restaurant, its run by a young guy, David I think and his father perhaps, they open around 5pm everyday till around 2-3am, I left at around 10am but apparently everyone comes out around midnight, what a pe.



As the kids say, amazeballs 🙂



Lake Como you have my heart, I look forward to the day I can return and watch another sunset at this cool little bar.

Ohh, I did manage to find George’s house, George Clooney that is, it was a little far away for a photo though, when I drove past the entrance there was work being done, I was even told by some locals that there are heavy fines for using a camera near his home, he is harassed that much, the locals to his area are very protective of Georgey, till next time mate :).


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