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day 18 – The weird and wonderful sights and sounds of Munich

Abtenau, Austria > Munich, Germany > Dombuhl, Germany

My time in the Alps was almost up and I was heading north into Germany through Munich and in to a town called Dombuhl where I was staying for a couple of days. I must say of all the places I had to leave so far I was a little sad to leave Abtenau, it is a beautiful part of Austria and the world, we all know how much I love the Alps and everywhere you turn is a picture postcard.

Amazing sunrise over Abtenau.

And we are in Munich, a friend suggested I visit the markets in downtown Munich, ‘Viktualienmarkt Munich‘, WOW the markets had everything, but the standout were the fresh foods, amazing.

So many people for a little lunch.

Some interesting people in Munich.

Some of the most organised stalls I have ever seen, everything in its place and a place for everything, love it.

Next stop, the famous ‘Hofbrauhaus‘, the last time I was here was 1999 on a Contiki Tour, wow practically 15 years to the day, crazy, anyway I was here to meet up with a fellow WRC Photographer, Daniel who lives here, Daniel has been covering the WRC for almost 20 years and is an amazing photographer who I really look up to, there arent many but Dan is one of them.

and the memories come flooding back.

The famous Stein.

Having a schnitzel, thanks for the photo Dan :).

Daniel suggested I visit the BMW Museum, unfortunately there was a private function on and the building was closed, I managed to convince the staff to let me walk around for 5 min

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