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I C E L A N D | That Green light show in the sky – Aurora

It is very hard to put in to words the experience of seeing aurora/northern lights/aurora borealis/tiffany (what we named her), so before I do watch my short Iceland timelapse video which is heavily based around the aurora.

I C E L A N D | Driving and renting a car

Tourism to Iceland is increasing at a rapid rate, according to statistics from the offical tourism board tourism increased by more than 21% from 2014 to 1015 and by almost 50% from 2013 to 2015.

I C E L A N D | How to travel Iceland safely during winter

In late 2015 Gilbert Romane and I embarked on an epic 23 day journey around Iceland, we planned and prepared for months, we read hundreds of articles, watched many hours of video and talked about our ideas and plans, we felt prepared for whatever Iceland had to offer and everything she could throw

I C E L A N D | Glacier Ice Caves

One of the most popular tours in Iceland are to the Ice Caves, also known as glacier ice caves, ice tunnels and sometimes Crystal Caves, in Iceland glaciers are truly spectacular. Continuing the series of Iceland articles, as mentioned Gil and I were lucky enough to be invited to join the Go Ecco


Want an adventure on 4 wheels in Iceland? you need to see the guys at Safari QUADS. On my adventure through Iceland last year I was fortunate enough to spend my birthday in this amazing country and it just so happened Gil and I went to Safari QUADS on that day

I C E L A N D | Waterfalls

Iceland is known as the land of fire and ice, but reality is it should be known as ‘The land of fire, ice and many many many waterfalls”. On my trip to Iceland last year I saw maybe 7 or 8 different waterfalls, not that many when you consider how many Iceland has, unfortunately the time


Its been almost 12 months since Gil and I were in Iceland, over the next month I will be publishing 7 or 8 different articles with tips, locations, images, videos, things to do, things not to do and much more on this amazing country, a country that literally stole my heart, every single day since I

A picture can tell a thousand words – my 200th AFL game

For anyone that might be new around here, I have been involved with AFL Sydney for the past 9 years, I remember the very first game I covered it was on the 12th April 2008, the Balmain Dockers were playing the UNSW-Eastern Suburbs Bulldogs, I recognised a few familiar ex Sydney Swans players and

Behind almost being arrested at Perth Airport

If you were unaware I have gone full steam ahead on YouTube and vlogging (dont forget to subscribe to my channel :)), dont know what that is? ok ill make q video on it and a little post about it and why over the next few weeks, if you are a subscriber then thank you, you may have followed my

Creating luck in Western Australia

On a recent road trip across the southern part of Western Australia a moment occurred, a moment that will remain with me forever. The moment is what photographers like to call ‘Light Rays’ or ‘God Rays/God Light’. where beams of light blast through the clouds forming just


Check out my latest vlog in Canal Rocks in Western Australia before I started y epic 2 weeks road trip along the south of WA.