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ARC SA -Top 10-

Ok, not 10, more like 20, however, we did do a shoot with the Innate Motorsport Team so that added a few more ;).

As always South Australia puts on a show, from the beautiful Adelaide Hills with what seem to be everlasting sunsets to the tranquial and stunning architecture of some of Adelaide Cities buildings. The event itself was overshadowed by a few nasty accidents, it seems every year since I have been coming here (2009) there has been a major incident, aside from that and the amazing chopper flying from renowned pilot Dave Adamson the round  was a history making rally for Eli Evans and Glen Weston of the Honda Rally Team, Eli has now won 9 consecutive rally rounds in the championship, stepping over the legendary Possum Bourne and his record of 8 in a row.

As i mentioned we managed to do a shoot with the Innate Team which included Molly Taylor this round, Innate is one of my many clients for the ARC and this year I have tried to do some sort of personal team shoot with all my clients.

Below are a few of the images from the event.

One of the biggest enjoyments from a Rally round is Recce, we get to drive the stages the competitors do, not at speed offcourse, we start early morning so always get a sunset and always finish late so … always a sunset, its the best part of the week ;), we found an amazing spot during recce and spent 45min capturing the light shards coming through the tress, was quite surreal, not to mention we found the perfect access road.

Anyway enough sunset photos lets get in to the rally.


More images from the event van be viewed and purchased via our Archives Library, just click this link to view them