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Recce, Rally and the rest

After the last few days of amazing photography Nigel and I had a little rest and were out for a full day of Recce.

If history repeats the QUIT Forest Rally offers photographers so many photo points to choose from you have to give some up for others, so the key is to both pick new spots and pick the best spots.

The first recce stages were great, the largest of the two has now been reversed which means an entirely new stage for photos, we were in an area which over the years has yielded some amazing photos and has changed every single year, the area is heavely forested, so every year trees are chopped down and new ones replanted, which means every two years a shot can go from a dense forest to an open forest to christmas tree height forest.

The rest of the day went to plan and both Nigel and I were counting down the hours till sunset, we needed to be out of Nannup (were the rally is held) by no later than 4pm, the drive back to Busselton is almost an hour then pick up my car then drive about 45min south, 4pm came and went and we didnt make it out till 4:30pm, which meant getting to a descent spot would be pushing it so we decided to simply go to



Another brilliant day on the Western Australian coast, after being here for almost a week I am excited to be finally shooting the ARC Rally Car, Friday sees the teams tackle the Power Stage at the Trade Hire Busselton Super Special Stage, then Heat 1 begins that night with two passess of the same stage, my next entry will be a wrap-up of the event and my time in WA.