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Rallying and well more Landscapes

During a rally Wednesday and Thursdays are usually the best days, Wednesday is testing and Thursday is Recce.

During testing you usually have an entire day of photography, one stage, and practically every possibility of getting to every possible photo spot on that one stage, this year however the teams I shoot for had only booked a half day which meant you guessed it, Sunset time, Nigel (another ARC Photographer and good friend) decided to take me on a bit of a joy ride along the coast to what he described as a ‘secret’ spot, and lets just say it was worth it, amazing rocks like Canal Rocks in a previous post and an amazing sunset, below are a few images from testing and from the ‘secret spot’.


The above shot and the below two were from opposite the testing stage, reflections, fog, sun, winning combination as will be seen in an upcoming post.


Secret spot.


… and finally the testing images.


A bit of ManLove between Mick Patton and Scott Pedder … interesting 🙂


Testing done!…

Next on the list, the best day of any rally, recce time 🙂 what an adventure.