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Jet Black MTB 12HR

Rocky Trail Jet Black WSMTB 12 Hour Race

Mountain Bike Photography, get use to seeing a bit more of it by me, its my new addiction, its like Rally Photography but condensed in to a little package, I have been shooting a bit of it for a few different agencies of late, more recently I was near Wisemans Ferry for the Rocky Trail Jet Black WSMTB 12 Hour Race, what I really love is the freedom, and the fact I can use artificial light ie Speedlites to get the look I want.

It was an early start with familiar faces and I was in to position early, the brief was simple, there is no brief, do what you do and do it well, awesome I love open briefs, obviously our main objective is to capture every rider in as many different positions as possible.

Below are a few images i captured, if you raced and would like to purchase them, head over the the website.


This was my first location and setup, I had 3 600EX-RT Speedlites, the two you can see and one off to the right of the rider in front of the tree.

Sometimes you not only get a little bored but the same image over and over just becomes to repetitive so knowing I had enough flash power i decided to be a little creative and with a slow shutter speed I would zoom all the way out then as I press the shutter twist the zoom ring therefore creating this effect, with the ambient sunlight directly behind the rider and his arms out stretched it has a godlike quality to it 😉

This was my last location (4th for the day), it was pitch black and the riders where coming down the middle in between the rocks, i really wanted to have the star light in the background just to fill up an almost boring image, it also lit up the back slightly, resulting in the below image.

This is Solo Singlespeed winner, Brett Bellchambers, crazy dude and soooo fast, and singlespeed? wow impressive

Rocky Trail Jet Black WSMTB 12 Hour Race

As the light started to fade the excitement grew as i knew I would have a brief 10min to get some cool sun is setting shots, I love this as you can see all the things flying in the air reflecting against the bright light. Golden hour, dream.