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We did it finally

It has been a long time coming, more than a long time, it feels like an eternity, lets be honest I never had a proper website to begin with. I dabbled quite well with the Sydney AFL Blog site while I was shooting Sydney AFL every weekend, other than that i had a static page that offered old outdated information.

With the change in business direction and identity I set out to do it myself, and what a long time it took and soooooo many design revisions, I was ready to go about three months ago and I saw someone else’s design and started again.

Enough rambling, I will be blogging like there is no tomorrow, posting images from everything I do, life and work are very interesting and rewarding at the moment so why not share it.

If you find any errors please contact me, the site is 99.999% complete I am just toying with a change here and there but that’s it, have a look at all my blog posts, my portfolios and enjoy, bring on Rally Australia, just ten days away.

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