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Day 9 – Strasbourg to Lucerne with yodeling in between

Strasbourg, Germany > Freiburg, GermanySteinerberg, Switzerland

After a really successful week shooting Rallye de France it was time to get the #euroroadtrip underway, 2 weeks driving the Alps of Switzerland, Austria and Germany, something I had looked forward to since I started planning 10 months earlier.

I had planned this trip rather loosely, a starting point and an end point with a few roads in between, that was it, there is so much to see in this area so I didn’t want to tie myself down to having to be in certain place at certain time to do certain things, I knew roughly each day I would do about 400km as a direct route from the start point to the end point so it wouldn’t be to crazy.

This trip I also managed to get a free upgrade to a Skoda Yeti, essentially a VW Tiguan, in a few words, bloody awesome car, I would consider getting one here if I was in the market for one.

As with my last trip I checked Google Maps the night before, picked a few windy roads and off I went.

The serenity, ohh the serenity.

When I saw this from the road it actually looked like a real couple, well clearly not 🙂

As per usual I found a road less traveled and ended up here, so peaceful, all you could hear was the running water, birds chirping and cow bells, if i had camping equipment I would have just stayed here, perfect.

setup shop with the Olympus OMD and 3LeggedThing tripod.

amazing views from this lookout right at sunset.

Goast everywhere, love the late afternoon light hitting their white bodies.

Saw the moon had to grab this shot, reminds me of E.T. the movie 🙂 was rather funny story with this photo though, there was a women with a girl riding a horse, I pulled up to grab this shot and they where in the same area as I was shooting, she started yelling at me saying ‘No Photo’ , I said the moon not you, she ran over to me screaming ‘No Photo’, I showed her the back of the camera and continued yelling at me in German, scared me :).

A few hours more driving and I finally arrived in Steinerberg, Switzerland where i was based for the next few days, its about 40km from Lucern so a perfect base to get to a few places over the next few days.

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