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Day 11 – Luzern to Innsbruck via the Grimselpass

Luzern, Switzerland > Grimselpass, Switzerland > Innsbruck, Austria

After an amazing day in Grindelwald I was excited to be heading to Innsbruck, I planned 4 nights there which meant I had 3 full days to explore the area.

The night before I did my research and found the Grimselpass as my next alpine road to drive, The Grimsel Pass is a mountain pass in Switzerland, crossing the Bernese Alps at an altitude of 2,164 metres.




AUDI’s a plenty in this part of Europe.

Love these little villages perched on hills.

Glacier at the very top of the Grimsel Pass.

Hey why don’t we go down there ;). The Alpine lake filled with turquoise-colored glacial melt.

The Hotel Grimsel Hospiz is a Hotel perched on a man made mountain in the middle of a dam, in winter its the home of the rich and famous, however in the summer its practically dead.

Grimsel Pass Hydroelectric dam.

The the Hotel in the middle of the images perched on the mound in the middle.

Got Windy?

I havent translated it but I figure it says something along the lines of ‘no enter’ ;), well in fact the translation is ‘Allows vehicles of the Federation and the municipality’

I honestly thought this huge steel door would be locked, but no, where was I? seems I made my way in to an old Bunker

How cool a door built in to the mountain on the left, but locked 🙁 would love to know what was in there.

The main structure in the middle with the two slits had holes for canons, as did the middle window from each of the side bunkers.

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to get in anywhere other than the exterior perimeter.

From here I made my way to Innsbruck as quickly as possible, driving the Alps is quite time consuming.

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