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Day 35 – Rabbi to Arezzo

After a long day and an even later night I knew I had a long drive ahead so after an early start I made the decision to jump on the freeway as quickly as possible so I could get to Tuscany asap, however before that I decided to explore Rabbi and the area where I had been staying.

This view/shot is the shot used by the Trentino Tourism board to showcase the area.

I got in trouble for getting this shot, apparently cars arent allowed up this road, oops :), as my friend Matt says, don’t ask for permission, ask for forgiveness 🙂

After finally leaving the Rabbi region, I headed back to Lake Garda, the area is very popular with Germany’s, they love the fact there is a beach type atmosphere and closer than the actual coast of Germany.

Gelato, when in Italy right?

Look familar? this area was used in one of the recent James Bond movies.

awesome view of Lake Garda.

The next 400km would be spent on the autosrada’s of Italy, 50€ later I was back in Tuscany, I checked in to my B&B and headed off to the small historic cobble stoned walled city of Lucignano, I arrived fairly late but the town was pumping, at the end of every month they have a festival to celebrate the coming of the new month, then at the beginning of the month they have a smiliar festival, each lasts a week so for 2 weeks of every month the city hosts festivals, its a party atmosphere, in the town centre the DJ was playing the famous song from Gladiator – Now we are free. it was really fitting, I stood there, eyes shut and I was back in Tuscany in scenes from the movie, I was truly moved, I think that moment will remain with me as the highlight of the trip, I dont know why, perhaps it signified the end of my Epic Italian adventure, well I had one day left anyway ;).

I had pizza from here, soooooo good, and so simple.