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Day 27 – Tuscany to Florence

After spending 4 days practically stuck in my accommodation trying to survive 😉 the time finally came to move on to my next stop, Florence for the night, I was feeling a hell of a lot better though, and spent the day driving the Tuscan roads and enjoying every minute of it.

The green scenery here blows me away, so vibrant.

Best pizza ever!

As I drove through the Chianti region enjoying the roads I noticed a mountain range to the east, if anyone has been following my blog you will know what happened next, yep an hour later I was maneuvering through the small hill top towns.

The fog set in as did the rain an eerie feeling came over me as I made my way through the town of Vallombrosa, there was nobody around, no shops open, no locals walking the streets, no cars, nothing, nevertheless I took the first interesting looking road to my right and up higher we went. I spent the next few hours driving on some of the coolest roads I have ever driven.

As I made my way back down the mountain and in to the out skirts of Florence I ended up without even realising at a spot I visited 15 years ago, the Piazza Michelangelo, or as most tourists  know the best view of Florence, I spent the next hour watching families, lovers and friends enjoy the views.

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