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Day 24 – Tuscany and all its glory

My second day in Tuscany and well, I don’t like to complain but things were not getting better, I got very little sleep and had the worst case of asthma I had had for many years, I did however make it to the doctor in the next town, the prognoses wasn’t good, I was a day or two away from getting Pneumonia, which meant I had Bronchitis, for anyone who has had it you know the feeling, its terrible and to be away on the trip of a lifetime it made it even worse, I literally couldn’t walk to the lounge room without needing to sit down to catch my breath, the doctor prescribed a number of different meds and said within a few days I should feel a lot better.


I made the decision to get out a little though, and had my first proper Italian food since I arrived, Bar Ucci is a family run business, they offer traditional italian foods and all very yummy, Paola Barucci runs and owns the cafe/bar/restuarant, she is quite the character, louder than life, she sat down and told me her story, she was born in Volpaia and still lives here. Obviously the bar is named after her family, throughout the bar you will find photos of her family and their history in Italy, as well as photos of the 40’s which give you a glimpse of the history of the Chianti region. Paola’s mother Gina makes cakes and her sister runs the famous restaurant “La Bottega” opposite, the place is rich in atmosphere and I sat there for almost 4 hours soaking it all up. If you ever get to the Tuscan region make sure you visit both Volpaia and Bar Ucci (

Soooooooo good 🙂 traditional Italian Bruschetta.

Fresh cold meats from the region, along with cheeses and olives, to die for.

My first real coffee in almost three weeks and damn good.

Paola of Bar Ucci in the middle enjoying lunch with her friends.

After lunch I decided to finally explore the area, I had nothing planned and just drove till I saw something I liked, I love this type of exploring as you eventually end up in some pretty cool places, or on peoples private properties being yelled at in italian :).

My Go Pro contraption, worked a treat recording video, hopefully I will put together something soon.

My first sunset over Tuscany, somewhere.

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