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2015, and it continues, and well … Iceland here we come


Portugal, Italy, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Finland, France, Spain, Great Britain, Wales, Iceland and Dubai, with Western Australia, Canberra, Queensland, Alice Springs, Ayres Rock, Coffs Harbour, Adelaide, Melbourne and Gold Coast all thrown in for good measure.

That’s my 2015 in a nutshell.

I have been sitting on exciting news for a little over a month, and now I can finally reveal my plans for 2015.

If you have been following behindvm you would know the adventures I had in 2014 and what an amazing year it was, at the end of the year I really didnt think I would be able to top that, in fact at the end of the year I didnt think 2015 would pan out the way it has.

With special thanks to a few key people and companies both my WRC and Travel adventures will continue in 2015.

I will continue to cover the WRC, this year I will be covering 8 rounds, starting in Portugal and finishing up in Wales at the end of the year, only missing Germany because I will be on the Kidney Kar Rally, if I had to miss a WRC round for anything the Kidney Kar Rally is the next best thing, in fact this year it will surpass many of the WRC events and previous Kidney Kar Rally’s as we are heading to the centre of Australia.

The year effectively starts in late March where I will be heading to Western Australia for the first round of the ARC, yes my work in the ARC continues, working with a number of the teams from 2014.

From there I have 6 weeks off till the ARC moves to Canberra for the second round, that time will be filled with researching the rest of my trips, starting my video content projects,  and generally getting ready for close to 8 months away. I leave from Canberra and head to my first WRC round of the year in Portugal then on to Italy and dont return to Sydney till almost the end of August.

This year I have been contracted to supply images for the Hyundai WRC Team driver Hayden Paddon for the entire year, so whilst my WRC coverage does not start till mid may I am working with @World Agency again to supply images to Hayden and his team for all rounds.

I have a lot of travel planned this year and a lot of time away from home, I do make my way back to Australia for the Kidney Kar Rally in August where we will be traveling through the centre of Australia, I then continue with the WRC, Australia, France and Spain, I come back for the final round of the ARC in South Australia then to cap of the year I return to Europe for the final round of the WRC Rally GB in Wales, then I am off in Iceland, I will be traveling through Iceland for 3 weeks from mid November, the trip of a lifetime, then to finally round of the year I will be traveling to Dubai for a few days.

I will post a separate post detailing each of my trips in a few weeks, there are 4 trips overseas in total, so to think 2015 will top 2014, is unbelievable.

Stay tuned for more, and keep an eye out for some new and exciting projects I will be working on.