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Rally Australia WRC edition re-examined

WRC Rally Australia is less than a week away, lets get excited.

ERC Sata Rallye Acores

I arrived in Ponta Delgada as the sun was setting, the island from above looked spectacular, however the 30+ hours of travel was taking its toll, I had probably 3-4hrs sleep and was feeling it, all I wanted was a shower, some food and a nice warm bed, unfortunately the traveling, timezone changes,

The long trip to Europe

The day after my adventures in Argentina and shooting the WRC round in Cordoba I was on my way to Portugal and the island of Sau Miguel in Azores for a round of the European Rally Championship (ERC), unfortunately my lasting memory of Argentina would not be a positive one, after checking in and

Day 16 – WRC Argentina recap

A pictorial overview of Rally Argentina

World Travel itinerary covering the WRC

Well here we are, the beginning of my first of two Round The World trips this year. As I sit here in the Qantas Lounge at Sydney airport waiting to board my flight, I thought I would share my itinerary. My first stop will be Buenos Aires, I have a total of 9 days before I head to Cordoba which is

8 weeks overseas , what not to take

In a few days time, I am heading off on whats sure to be the most challenging, exciting, rewarding and stressful time of my career.  I will be traveling for 20 of the next 26 weeks, not consecutively thankfully.  Consisting of 11 countries, 4 states in Australia and over 35 flights. Two weeks ago I

Dust, Sunrises, Sunsets, ARC Round 2 its all done

So, the second round of the ARC is now complete, and I am preparing for my trip overseas.  Before I start posting about my trip, I’d like to finish up my visit to Western Australia and the QUIT Forest Rally. Following on from my previous post – after recce, Nigel and I managed to nut

Recce, Rally and the rest

After the last few days of amazing photography Nigel and I had a little rest and were out for a full day of Recce. If history repeats the QUIT Forest Rally offers photographers so many photo points to choose from you have to give some up for others, so the key is to both pick new spots and pick the

Sunsets, Limestones, Surf, a photographers life on the road

With just under four weeks until I leave Australia for South America and Europe I have one last round of the Australian Rally Championship to attend in one of my favourite places in Australia, Busselton. I arrived in Perth a few days early for a job covering the Weetbix Kids Try series, which meant

QUIT Forest Rally Photos 2013

In little under a weeks time the Australian Rally Championship moves to the south of Perth to the coastal town of Busselton for round 2 of the championship. The QUIT Forest Rally is regarded as the best round on the calendar, and we have to agree, from my point of view, being able to get to over 10

packing for a week long rally

The second round of the Australian Rally Championship is just a few days away, I am leaving a few days earlier this year as I have a job in Perth on Sunday shooting the Weetbix Kids Try series for SuperSport Images, I then head straight down to Busselton, my work doesnt start until Tuesday so on