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Day 33 – Rabbi, Trento, Gelatto

Waterfalls, Vineyards, Gelatto, amazing day in the Italian Alpine region

Day 32 – continued down the great pass

Stelvio ohh Stelvio where far out thou Stelvio

Day 32 – Lake Como to Bolzano via the Stelvio Pass

The Stelvio Pass, thats all that needs to be said.

Day 31 – Lake Como George Clooney take two

Lake Como you have my heart, and the best pizza around

Day 28 – Florence to La Spezia

Meeting people along your journey is the key to finding places that you would never find otherwise, and I found, Vagli Sotto, up to this point the most amazing place I have seen.

Day 27 – Tuscany to Florence

From Tuscany to Florence and all the in between

Day 24 – Tuscany and all its glory

My second day in Tuscany and well, I don’t like to complain but things were not getting better, I got very little sleep and had the worst case of asthma I had had for many years, I did however make it to the doctor in the next town, the prognoses wasn’t good, I was a day or two away

Day 23 – Italian road trip to end all road trips.

15hrs, 4 airports, 3 flights and an annoying amount of security checks and I finally arrived in Rome.

and we are back … wrc, arc, landscapes, seascapes …

It’s been a while since my last blog, this is going to be a quick update before I start posting entries more regularly and I get up-to-date before I head overseas again.