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With just under four weeks until I leave Australia for South America and Europe I have one last round of the Australian Rally Championship to attend in one of my favourite places in Australia, Busselton.

I arrived in Perth a few days early for a job covering the Weetbix Kids Try series, which meant I had a day before the job and a day after to do what I wanted, and that I did.

The day I arrived I decided to drive the 180km north of Perth to the Pinnacles, The Pinnacles are limestone formations contained within Nambung National Park, near the town of Cervantes, Western Australia.

I knew I was close to the coast and was hoping there was a turn off which would get me close enough to the water, I didnt expect to get as close as I did.

Wedge Island as its known is a little holiday/fishing shanty town by the looks of it which is without doubt one of the most amazing beaches I have been to, white powdery sand, cool sea breeze, amazingly friendly people, the sound of the waves lapping the shore, heaven, I decided I would come back here for the sunset shot I was after and not camp at the Pinnacles.


The Pinnacles were great, however Wedge Island was quite special, I even attracted the locals who wanted a photo :).

I am also now using the 3 Legged Thing Carbon Fibre Tripod, which is perfect, it needs a little bit of weight attached to it when its windy, but otherwise will make a great companion to my trip with its light weight and size, highly recommended.






Tomorrow I will be in Perth till around lunch time then head down to Busselton, check back tomorrow for my Margaret River trip.