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Day 30 – La Spezia to Lake Como, just saying hi to George Clooney

After a great day yesterday spent in the Cinque Terre and La Spezia today was going to be the longest yet, over 500km to Lake Como, this is mainly because i didnt want to get on the freeways which means driving on the old goat tracks through mountains 😉 I much prefer that anyway.

My first stop was to be Portofino on the Amalfi Coast, the popular town for the Rich and Famous, however as with most days I noticed a weather station town high up in the mountains, as can be seen in the image below, you guessed it I was straight up there and it literally was a goat track, the place looked abandoned and goats were roaming enjoying the freedom.

Hey Billy!!!

Awesome winding road, plenty of motorbikes flying through here.

Scary high, much like the weather station in Argentina from a few entries back.

There are 9 in the shot, but I counted 21, none were friendly 🙁


As you do at lunch 😉

Some dude, everyone was taking photos of him, so ….

Lemmie get a selfie 😉

6 lanes, this was through Genoa, easy to get lost 😉

Tunnels everywhere that make up the freeway toll system, great system, saves so much time, just very pricey $$$

and the main part of the day, a drive to end all drives, just near Verazze which is about 80km west of Genoa, Monte Beigua, Parco Naturale Regionale del Beigua, these German tour bike riders were also up there to enjoy it at the same time as me, its about 45km of a narrow one lane road the winds through dense forest, amazing views, amazing road which had just been resurfaced by the look of it.

The scenic route took a hell of a lot longer than I had anticipated, but who cares I wasnt on a time limit and I managed to time it perfectly as the sunset over Lake Como as I arrived.

Sun setting over Lake Como, this was practically my view from my room, I have the next full day in Lake Como, then the highlight of the trip driving the Stelvio Pass, or so I thought 😉

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