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IROQ -Top 10-

Lets see, dust, mud, sleep deprivation. too many images, must be rally end time.

Rally Queensland is by far the most frustrating demanding event on the ARC calendar, I was fortunate enough to have Matt with me this round to help with the workload, frustrating you ask? for whatever reason I still cant pinpoint, Queensland never yields the best images, even though there is dirt, fast cars and sideways action, patchy light, unaccessible stages and tight timing all contribute to this, unfortunately the round was also marred by a rally death, condolences must go to the family of the driver who passed, its never a good time.

Enough of my well written journalistic words, here are the best ten from the Vettas Media crew.


More images from the event van be viewed and purchased via our Archives Library, just click this link to view them