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day14 – Innsbruck to Oberstdorf to Lindau

Innsbruck, Austria > Oberstdorf, Germay > Lindau, Germany

Quite an ironic day really, a friend of mine (Stefan) who now lives in Japan suggested I visit his hometown of Oberstdorf in Germany, lucky for me it was in the same area I wanted to go to today, my only problem, there was a classic Rally on, the Joch Pass Memorial Rally , it didnt stop me getting there, however it meant I had to backtrack a little and drive an extra 50km to get there, this also meant the same on the return, however I took a little detour and ended up at Lindau for sunset, what this meant was come 7:30pm I had almost 3hrs to get back to Innsbruck, ahh thats not much, all in a days work really :).

It was my first rain day on this trip, so far the weather has been perfect, I dont know whether this hindered my photos but for most of the day I really dint find much inspiration, you have to have a bad day every now and then I guess :).

I found the Bratwurst take away shop again so grabbed another of their delicious sandwiches.

Oi watch you doin’

Sunset over Lindau.

An uninspiring day, but tomorrow was going to be huge, one of the best this trip.

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