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Trier to Paris – Windmills to a War Cemetery

Trier, Germany > Paris, France

My last day in France, I didnt have much planned, I just wanted to be near Paris around sunset, little did I know I would end up at an amazing War Cemetery.

An amazing home which believe it or not seemed to be abandoned, the front door and back door were open and the home was empty, I have no idea where I was and no idea why the place was abandoned, crazy.

I am not sure where this church was but it was amazing, the detail was crazy, I think all it needed was a good scrub and it would look like new again.

And the War Cemetery, I looked around the entire area and could not find a single sign that told me what it was, if anyone knows please let me know, it was about 80km North East of Paris.

And to cap off my road trip an amazing sunset, and to find a windmill just topped it off


The next morning I flew to Barcelona for WRC Spain, an amazing 2 weeks spent driving through France, Switzerland, Austria, the Czech Republic and Germany, so many amazing experiences, and come the end of the two weeks I had travelled almost 10,000km, wow I cannot believe I drove that much and it really never felt like I had. I cannot wait for the next road trip later this year (2015)
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