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Peace and tranquility amongst the bustling streets of Barcelona

Barcelona, Spain

Anywhere you walk in Barcelona you are sure to find a few things, restaurants, cafes, people enjoying themselves and street performers, La Ramblas is famous for it, the guys in the images below performed daily and always drew a crowd.

There is so much to see in Barcelona and my time was coming to an end, the architecture, the people, the parks, the nightlife, the restaurants, like most places I wish I had more time here.

The busy lane ways through the old town.

The Arc de Triumf in Barcelona, not quite as big as Paris but still a picture postcard.

One of the many parks in Barcelona, Ciutadella Park is attached to the Barcelona Zoo, I was there on a weekday and it seemed so was most of Barcelona, ok not quite but it was bustling,  families, couples, friends all enjoying the sun and their company, funnily enough as I got to the entrance of the zoo it thinned out and at one point I was in an area all to myself, it was great to just sit relax and take it all in.

The Cascada Monumental, a fountain with a monument 🙂 well thats how I describe it, locals seemed to really enjoy it as did the tourists.

The streets of Barcelona as the day came to an end, as did my time here. I must say Barcelona was a real surprise, everyone I spoke to before I came here said I would love it, said it was a real party city full of life, I like to make my own opinions and well I cannot wait to come back.

And that brings an end to my adventures in Barcelona, a city that has everything, the people are amazing, the food is amazing, the history is amazing, it really was ama….. no stunning, awesome, a real surprise packet, get your bums to Barcelona the first opportunity you get.

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Note: All Images taken with the Olympus OM-D EM-1